Upcoming workshops: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

Supporting Active Learning and Technological Innovation in Science Education (SALTISE) is pleased to announce two free workshops (April 4th and April 5th) in the use of POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) led by Dr. Richard Moog, the Director of the POGIL project, author, and professor at Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania.

POGIL in an inquiry-based approach to learning and uses a “learning cycle”, including exploration, concept invention and application as the basis for many of the carefully designed materials that students use to guide them in their construction of knowledge and understanding of the course content.

1. Thursday, April 4th workshop (6pm – 9pm), Intermediate POGIL workshop. Location: Dawson College, room 3F.37 (Active Learning Classroom):

During this workshop, Dr. Moog will describe and explain the benefits of this student-centered inquiry approach to teaching, where students work in small groups with individual roles to ensure that all students are fully engaged in the learning process. He will also engage participants is hands-on exercises to help them build their own inquiry-based lesson. This workshop is an exceptional opportunity to get moving forward with your efforts to implement active learning pedagogy.

Intended audience: Thursday’s workshops is intended for those who have already begun to use a student-centered teaching approaches and who are looking for answers to specific questions such as: How is an inquiry-based approach different from other active learning approaches? Can I do just a few activities or do I have to commit to an entire curriculum? How do I adapt specific inquiry-based activities and tools to my discipline? What are the benefits of inquiry-based activities compared to other approaches to active learning?

Registration for this workshop is essential; places are limited to a maximum of 45 participants.  A light dinner will be served.

To register:


2. Friday, April 5th, (2-4pm) Introductory POGIL workshop,  Location: John Abbott College & McGill McDonald Campus on the West Island.

This is an entry level workshop. Participants will experience a POGIL-based learning project, analyze activities to understand how guided inquiry is structured in a POGIL classroom, and consider classroom facilitation and other issues related to the implementation of this student-centered instructional strategy.

Intended audience: Friday’s workshop is intended for those who are curious about this student-centered teaching approach and are looking for answers to questions such as: How do I get started? Where do I find tools? How do I get my students to buy into this new way of teaching? What’s in it for me, and what’s in it for my students?

Registration is encouraged: To register: 

These events are sponsored by the SALTISE, a Chantier 3 grant, funded by MELS with a mission to build and support a community of practice centered around pedagogical and technological innovation in the teaching of science.
For any questions, please contact Diana Tabatabai, Research Associate (;  514-398-5781)

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