Welcome back McGill – Here’s some things you may have missed

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Welcome back! We hope you have had a great summer.

Here at TLS we are planning a number of great things for the blog over the next six months.

In the meantime, we thought we would highlight the most popular posts from last year:

Title Views
Instructors: stop putting your Powerpoint slides on-line 1,973
Learning to Teach: 10 tips for Professors 480
A conference for undergrads: assessing students in large classes using posters presentations 277
Too many assignments to grade? Assessment tools for large classes 205
Teaching in Higher Ed 101 – A Reflection From a First-Time “Lecturer” 163
Short written assignments for large classes 154
Relaunching the Teaching for Learning Blog 135
Active learning in large classes: a gallery ‘walk’ with a 100 students 113
Using social media and mobile technology in the classroom 104
What busy profs would like to read in a blog post about active learning 102

What teaching and learning topics are you interested in reading over the coming academic year?

Post your comments below to help guide our stories over the coming months.

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