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The Body Matters – BODY101x – McGill’s 3rd MOOC has begun

The Body Matters

McGill has just released its third MOOC, The Body Matters (BODY101x) on the edX platform. This course is 10 weeks long and focuses on benefits of physical activity, how to prevent injuries as well as what to do when an injury occurs. Dr. Ian Shrier is the primary instructor (@ianshrier) along with many other guests who are all experts in their field. Over 23,000 students have enrolled from over 180 countries. Have a look at a more detailed description of this MOOC along with the intro video:

The Body Matters screenshot

Exercise is promoted as a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle. Ever wonder why? Exercise is more than just an “art of converting big meals and fattening snacks into back strains and pulled muscles by lifting heavy things that don’t need to be moved, or running when no one is chasing you.” Our bodies evolved to move over several millennia.

Did you know that physically active obese individuals live longer than inactive thin individuals? Are you interested in seeing the evidence on the benefits and risks of stretching? What is the best way to treat your ankle, knee, and/or shoulder injury? How does injury affect mood and what are the consequences?

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an aspiring musician or dancer, whether you play for fun or just want to lead an active lifestyle, this course will entertain and challenge you. Topics will include basic and advanced principles of body movement and biological, psychological and social issues related to activity/sport/injury/rehabilitation. The course will include content from leading international experts in multiple fields related to the science of exercise.

Have a look at the introductory video below for a great summary of what the course is about:

The Reporter just recently released an article about the online course with an interview with Dr. Ian Shrier.

This MOOC is free for anyone to register and has no prerequisites. If you are interested, head over to the registration page and register now! See the McGillx page on the Teaching and Learning Services website for more information on McGill’s MOOCs.

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