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You may have noticed something new in myCourses…

“What happened to the Content tool in myCourses?” is a question you may have pondered this spring as you busily worked on your course materials. The Content tool received a makeover and a new “Content Experience” was unveiled by the software vendor. The new experience supports the same content types and activities as the previous interface and the changes are mostly cosmetic at the moment. Cleaner navigation and more user-friendly features such as a quick hide/show toggle to make modules visible/invisible are some of the improvements you will notice when working in the new Content Experience.

While this alternate look and feel is still in development, the new Content Experience is being piloted as an opt-in/out option. This means if you would prefer to continue working in the previous interface, then you can simply turn it off.

To revert back to the previous interface:

Simply click the arrow to expand the new Content Experience dialogue box.

Then select “Turn it off”.

You will be prompted to provide a reason for why you wish to turn it off. Select a reason from the drop-down list or simply click “Done”. This will revert the Content tool back to the previous interface.

To turn on the new Content Experience:

If you feel like now is the right time to experiment with the new Content Experience, then turn it on and give it a whirl. To do so, click the arrow as described above and select “Turn it on”.

Note that additional features are in progress. Stay tuned for more information about the new Content Experience in the coming months.

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