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Spotlight on Spaces: Chancellor Day Hall 101 and 102

Written by Kira Smith and Erin McDonagh.

The jury is in, and the verdict is that these two new classrooms are a great addition to the Faculty of Law. Chancellor Day Hall 101 and 102 were renovated in 2017 as part of ongoing efforts made by the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) to renovate Faculty of Law spaces. Despite their differences in size, the two classrooms easily support active learning strategies, thanks to their flexible layouts and useful features, which include wood panelling, an abundance of whiteboard space, and movable furniture.  

Room 101

Room 102

Both renovated spaces offer flexible layouts, which instructors are invited to reconfigure! While Room 101 features a lecture hall style classroom that fits 72 students, and Room 102 is a smaller classroom that accommodates 32 students, both rooms are outfitted with furniture that is movable, facilitating individual and group work with ease. To guide instructors looking to reorganize the room, the floor tiling features lines that encourage suggested layouts, with photos of these layouts posted in each room. In alignment with McGill’s principles of classroom design, the seating capacity has been determined so that all layouts ensure adequate space for student and instructor comfort and movement throughout the room.

Additionally, the technology features of the two rooms are integrated in a way that support learning and teaching. There is ample whiteboard space, not only at the front of the room for use by the instructor but also around the room, which students can use to brainstorm, work on projects, and write on when giving presentations. The acoustics of the rooms are designed to facilitate both small group and whole class activities. To ensure that students have the ability to recharge their devices, there are a number of floor-integrated power outlets in both rooms.

Similarly, instructors are supported via learning technologies (e.g., data projector, document camera, Sympodium, and wireless screen sharing) that allow different materials to be displayed. In addition to these technologies, instructors can democratize the classroom by allowing students to share their laptop screens wirelessly on the projector screens.

Rooms 101 and 102 are aesthetically coherent and effectively, two peas in the Chancellor Day Hall pod. It is no “Moot” point when we say that these classrooms are a great addition to the Faculty of Law.

Are you interested in teaching in Chancellor Day Hall 101 or 102, or any other of McGill’s 14 active learning classrooms? Contact the Timetable Coordinator in your Faculty or Department and make your request. Eager to get started? Check out TLS’s diverse list of active learning strategy video bites to see how you can incorporate active learning into your teaching.

For more information on ALCs, contact TLS.

With files from Erin McDonagh.

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