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Writing to develop thinking in the Sciences

In university settings, writing is often viewed as a means to an end: journal articles are written to share research results; grant applications are written to obtain funding; letters of reference are written to help students get into graduate school. But writing can serve another purpose: a recent article in the McGill Reporter describes an initiative at McGill University to get students in the Sciences to engage in writing as a way to develop their thinking about science matters. And this initiative has taken a village, in the form of a learning community, which: “ … brought together four faculty members and a master’s student from McGill’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences along with staff from the McGill Writing Centre, the McGill Library, and Teaching and Learning Services. At regular meetings, members have exchanged ideas and developed new ways to integrate writing into undergraduate science courses.” Read more.

Senior Academic Associate at McGill's Teaching and Learning Services.; former Senior Faculty Lecturer at the McGill Writing Centre; area of specialization: Second Language Education; loves teaching and learning; will work for chocolate (Photo credit: Owen Egan)

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