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Tips for getting into the habit of working from home

I like routine. I like getting up at the same time every weekday morning, going to the gym, getting to work early to tend to email before the office gets busy, and going for a 10-minute afternoon walk with colleagues. I like working at my desk and sitting in my comfortable chair, and seeing the university campus from my office window.

My routine is now broken and I’m struggling to get into a new one. That’s why I really appreciated Todd Zakrajsek’s recent post Strategies for Structuring Teaching from Home: Planning Your Way to an Effective Day. Todd’s post offers suggestions to “maximize the perks and minimize the pitfalls of teleworking.” Most helpful for me more was Todd’s advice about physical well-being. I really need to do those stretches regularly throughout the day. Check out Todd’s list of 10 tips!

Senior Academic Associate at McGill's Teaching and Learning Services.; former Senior Faculty Lecturer at the McGill Writing Centre; area of specialization: Second Language Education; loves teaching and learning; will work for chocolate (Photo credit: Owen Egan)

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