A Living Library of Teaching Strategies: Check Out a Video Volume!

A wealth of experience has been amassed throughout the months teaching and learning remotely, and McGill University’s Faculty of Science has launched a novel way to share some of it—a Living Library: Teaching Strategies from McGill Classrooms. Since the strategies can be implemented across disciplines and in classes of different sizes, we wanted to share this resource with a wide audience. 

Playlist: 6 of 10 videos currently available

What the Living Library is: This Living Library is a collection of short videos where instructors describe teaching strategies they’ve implemented in their remote courses. At present, the library has 10 videos that address connecting with students and getting them engaged in course content.

How you can use it: With limited time for course preparation, the Living Library offers you a curated resource that may be a time-saver as well as inspiration for trying some different strategies with your students. The library collection is classified by topic and includes brief descriptions of the video content so that you can easily scroll through to find topics of interest.

More videos on other topics are coming soon. Go to the Living Library of teaching strategies to check them out!

Read more about the Living Library on McGill’s Office of Science Education website.

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