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Sustainability inspires hope for healthcare

Series contributor: Linda Marie Ofiara, Faculty Fellow

The WHO declaration of the Covid 19 pandemic was a life-changing event for humanity: lives lost or irreparably altered, vulnerable populations exposed, resources found wanting, and incredible waste generated.

As a healthcare worker in respiratory medicine, I continue to be deeply affected by the challenges of sustainability in medicine. These challenges include the greening of healthcare, the reduction of carbon emissions, the wellness of healthcare workers, the support of under-represented groups in healthcare, and use of local supply chains.

We have been to a dark place.

The Sustainability Education Fellowship was an exceptional opportunity for me to do something positive and to push me out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to develop a learning module for resident physicians, our future leaders, to gain a better understanding of sustainability in healthcare. The program matched me with a master’s student who shared the same vision. She researched topics and provided valuable information. Interacting with the other Fellows from diverse disciplines was a powerful affirmation that many do care about sustainability.

I learned that there is always hope.

Learn more about including sustainability in your course content, teaching, or assessment approaches, by exploring the Sustainability Education Resources article in Teaching and Learning Services’ Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base.

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