Mirabel Xing

1 Article

Tom Gleeson

I am a hydrogeologist at University of Victoria, Canada who is interested in groundwater sustainability, mega-scale groundwater systems, groundwater recharge and discharge and fluid flow around geologic structures. My goal is fundamental and applied research and teaching to enable sustainable groundwater use.

4 Articles


I m a professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University.

23 Articles

Marcy Slapcoff

10 Articles

Marianne Chevrier

Education graduate student, passionate about learning, higher education, and chocolate, not always in that order.

1 Article

Lauren Soluk

I am an Instructional Technologist at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. There, I provide direct support to faculty for technology integration into their curriculum design. A recent graduate from McGill University, I hold a Masters of Arts in Education and Society, with a direct focus on Twitter and Education. Outside of work, my priorities consist of family, friends, food, and outside living - in that order! Twitter: @LaurenSoluk

4 Articles

Justin Fletcher

5 Articles

Joel Deshaye

3 Articles


Undergraduate at McGill, B.A. Honours in sociology, minor in GIS with an intense side interest in Chinese archaeology.

1 Article

Jennie Ferris

6 Articles


7 Articles

Diane Maratta

2 Articles


1 Article

Crystal Ernst

Hakai Institute postdoctoral scholar at Simon Fraser University (B.C.)

2 Articles

Charlotte van Walraven

1 Article

Chris Buddle

14 Articles

Dr. Cassandra Steer

An Australian based in Canada after 16 years based in the Netherlands: I like my life as international as I like my law! I have a background in Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, legal theory and research methodology. My new field of passion is space law, and particularly the regulation of military activities in space.

1 Article

Carolyn Samuel, PhD

Academic Associate at McGill's Teaching and Learning Services.; former Senior Faculty Lecturer at the McGill Writing Centre; area of specialization: Second Language Education; loves teaching and learning; will work for chocolate (Photo credit: Owen Egan)

9 Articles


1 Article

Alison Crump

Academic Projects Manager, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, McGill University. PhD Educational Studies. Interested in: sociolinguistics, multilingualism, language policy, higher education, academic writing.

1 Article


MA student at McGill University

1 Article


Alexander Steeves-Fuentes | Courseware Developer | McGillX Teaching and Learning Services | McGill University | McLennan Library Building, MS-12 | 3459 McTavish Street | Montreal, Quebec | H3A 0C8 |

1 Article

Adam Finkelstein

Techno-geeky, hyper-connected, educational technology, social media dad with a academic, educational developer, teaching and learning, social wrapper.

45 Articles

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