Guidelines for submitting a post

Writing guidelines for the Teaching for Learning Blog

Please read our welcome message which gives a good overview of the main purpose behind this blog.

For each post, please send us a Microsoft Word document (you can make hyperlinks in the document) with the following:

  1. Post with a title that best reflects the content.
  2. At least one image (with the source indicated) in the post. Please attach large sized original images to the document. Multiple images are encouraged (where relevant). Images can be:
    1. Featured image (what is shown at the top of the post as the headline image. Best sizing for full view is 1038px x 576 px)
    2. Images within the post (just about any size can work)
  3. Relevant tags for the post. See the home page word cloud for an idea of relevant keywords that you can use.
  4. Relevant category. Choose one from “Faculty today, Students today, Universities today or Events.”
  5. Length of post: approximately 250-2000 words

Topic: Almost anything to do with higher education. Possible ideas for columns/themes:

  • Reflections on something I tried in my classroom (from faculty perspective)
  • Reflections on something I experienced in my classroom (from student’s perspective)
  • Good news on campus or in higher education in general
  • Controversies at McGill or in higher education
  • Books that influenced my thinking about teaching and learning
  • Teaching and learning spaces
  • Etc!!!

Who can post: anyone – as of April 2013, the Inquiry Network will be major contributors but hopefully we will get other TLS staff, faculty members, and students to contribute. In order to post you will need to request an account.

Approval process: At the moment, all posts and comments need to approved by Adam Finkelstein.

Next steps: Once your post is posted, please feel free to spread the link to your post to friends and colleagues who might be interested in what you have to say.

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