Guidelines for submitting a post

Writing guidelines for the Teaching for Learning Blog

Please read our welcome message which gives a good overview of the main purpose behind this blog.

*Disclaimer: All submissions and comments are subject to editorial approval. On occasion, our editorial team may need to make small changes (i.e., photo change, title edits, light copy editing, etc.) to your post. By submitting to the Teaching for Learning Blog, you agree to these small editorial changes. Every effort will be made to retain the integrity of the work.

Who can post: Anyone that is involved or interested in Teaching and Learning. This can be university staff, faculty members, students, or community members. In order to post you will need to request an account.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Topic: Posts can be about anything related to higher education. For example:
    1. Reflections on a teaching strategy you tried (if you’re an instructor)
    2. Reflections on a particular learning experience (if you’re a student)
    3. Good news at McGill or in higher education in general
    4. Controversies at McGill or in higher education in general
    5. Books or films that have influenced your thinking about teaching and learning
    6. Teaching and learning spaces—physical and virtual—that have influenced your teaching or learning experience
  2. Post length: Write a post anywhere from 250 to 1250 words long; include hyperlinks and in-text images.
  3. Title: Begin the post with a short title that reflects the content of the post.
  4. Images: Include at least one image that will be used as the featured image at the beginning of the post. We recommend images that come from a free, Creative Commons image bank, such as:,,,, or
    Images must:
    1. Be high-quality (clipart will not be accepted)
    2. Be a minimum of 1440 pixels wide
    3. Be free for commercial and non-commercial use
    4. Indicate a source (e.g., the hyperlink from where you took the image)
    5. Indicate a photo credit if applicable
  5. Submission: Submit via email. Be sure to include:
    1. The post as a Word document attachment
    2. The high-resolution featured image as an attachment
    3. Your WordPress account name in the email

Once your post is online, share the link with colleagues and friends!