One-Minute Stretch Breaks From McGill Athletics & Recreation

In September 2020, when the Fall semester was beginning, and it was clear that remote learning was here to stay … at least for a little while, McGill Athletics & Recreation knew it was important to find a way to help students and instructors keep moving. We recognize that sometimes an entire day can go by and you realize the only time you’ve moved from your desk is to get something to eat! Remote learning, or teaching, means that we lose out on little moments for physical activity, like walking to and from class, or standing in the metro. This is why we have developed one-minute stretch breaks—designed to offer both students and instructors a short, dedicated break during a lecture to rest their minds and move their bodies.

Stretching by Jessica Lock, CA

Our certified fitness instructor guides you through simple and engaging movements to do standing next to—or sometimes even sitting at—your desk, with no additional equipment required.

Download video by Aybige in the Video Collection

Stretch Breaks can be viewed at any time on our YouTube channel, and are also available for McGill instructors to download to myCourses and play directly in Zoom during their classes.  

Note that Athletics & Recreation has been producing weekly LIVE online workouts, plus a slew of on-demand ones, free for students and $20.00 for staff for the whole semester. We also have our pool and track open when regulations allow for it. We lend out snowshoes, sleds, and skis. We host games and tournaments online, and are constantly looking for new ways to allow our community to connect, keep active, and have fun together amidst all the challenges the pandemic has brought on.

We truly hope the stretch breaks and other activities help break up the day and provide a much-needed pause while we are all working so hard to learn together and be a supportive community. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns, and I’d be happy to assist you. At McGill Athletics & Recreation, we live to move, and we want you to join us!

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