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Teaching What’s Important: Symposium highlights

Teaching What's Important Symposium

On December 11th, 2015, McGill’s Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) held a symposium for faculty with a focus on translating aspirations for student learning into pedagogical strategies. The event, Teaching What’s Important: Educating Students for Today and Tomorrow, called upon a range of university professors to showcase their strategies and experiences, and join the discussion about the possibilities for undergraduate education at McGill. With a turnout of 135 (a mostly faculty members, but also staff and a few students), the discussion was certainly though-provoking. For some highlights, please see below:

Storify for Teaching what’s important:

For a more in-depth follow-up to the event, TLS is producing a report that will be made available online and in print (limited copies). Stay tuned!

Teaching What's Important Panel
The faculty/student panel from Teaching What’s Important: Educating Students for Today and Tomorrow.

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