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An Australian based in Canada after 16 years based in the Netherlands: I like my life as international as I like my law! I have a background in Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, legal theory and research methodology. My new field of passion is space law, and particularly the regulation of military activities in space.

Finding Direction as a Postdoc – A Leap of Faith

In January this year I made a huge leap of faith in my academic career; sideways in terms of a new field of specialisation, and what sometimes feels like backwards in terms of my professional status. After 8 years of teaching, I started a postdoctoral fellowship here at McGill, took a pay cut, threw myself into many unknowns, and have had moments of excitement as well as utter fear: what if I’ve made a mistake? But I did it in order to have a chance to work at the world-class McGill Faculty of Law, and knowing that many successful careers are made not by climbing a single ladder, but by trying out new things.

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