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Is today’s university student experience different?

Higher Ed the New Normal

Edtech Magazine has a very interesting article about an infographic  that looks at the college experience then and now. Created from a number of different sources, this infographic focuses on the experience of students then and now across a number of dimensions, including cost, demographics, socioeconomic and others. From their blog:

Technology has helped foster growth in the education world, but it has also increased the workload. According to the infographic, two out of three college students today use a smartphone for school work — a capability that didn’t exist even 10 years ago, let alone 30. The data also shows that 45 percent of today’s students will take at least one online course, whereas learning in the 1980s was confined to classrooms.

Check out the infographic:

Infographic from Flat World via EdTech Magazine
Infographic from Flat World via EdTech Magazine

What impact might this have on our teaching and learning? On our student services? Post your thoughts below!

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