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Campus Views from your Window

In a previous post, I wrote “I like working at my desk and sitting in my comfortable chair, and seeing the university campus from my office window.” I miss being on campus. I wonder if students might also be pining for that on-campus feeling.  

Thanks to the McGill Library, we can feel the university ambiance even at a distance: the Library has made available an array of campus photos that can be downloaded for use as background images in Zoom (provided your computer has the system capacity).  

Background images in Zoom may have particular appeal to instructors and students who prefer not to display the physical space they’re in during virtual class time. 

Check out the Library’s photos, along with step-by-step instructions for setting a downloaded image as a background in Zoom.

Image: Birks Reading Room. Photo: Robin Clark

Senior Academic Associate at McGill's Teaching and Learning Services.; former Senior Faculty Lecturer at the McGill Writing Centre; area of specialization: Second Language Education; loves teaching and learning; will work for chocolate (Photo credit: Owen Egan)

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