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Beyond grading: Assessment strategies from McGill instructors

Authors: Carolyn Samuel and Kira Smith

Inspired by instructors’ enthusiastic participation at the December 7, 2018 Beyond Grading: Effective Assessment Strategies for Better Learning symposium on assessment (check out a recap of the event!), Teaching and Learning Services has launched an online series of assessment strategies used by McGill instructors. Since these strategies capture many of those shared at the symposium, we’ve called the series Beyond Grading: Assessment Strategies from McGill Instructors. 

Each strategy includes a descriptive summary of the assessment, goals for the assessment, steps for implementation, and specifics about how students are assessed—in many cases, including rubrics or other supporting materials.

Since it can be challenging to implement a new assessment strategy, each instructor offers advice for trying it out, as well as their thoughts on the benefits and challenges of their respective strategy.

Access the Beyond Grading: Assessment Strategies from McGill Instructors series here.

The symposium highlighted a wealth of assessment strategies used at McGill. We’re planning to expand this series. How? TLS is gearing up for the next symposium on assessment, which will take place on Thursday, December 10, 2020. Save the date for another round of strategy exchanges! 

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