Earth and Planetary Sciences Promotes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Have you been wondering how to increase equity, diversity, and inclusions (EDI) within your academic communities? If yes, you may be inspired by reading about an event that one department at McGill University, Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS), has initiated as a way to open conversations and learn what it’s like to be an international graduate student in Canada.

Here’s an excerpt from the first edition of EPS’ Culture Chat, where each international student presented how they got started in geosciences, along with information they wanted to share about their country:

“Angelo took us all the way to Brazil. Post WWII, Brazil witnessed a lot of immigration. These immigrant communities now shape the Brazilian culture. Angelo walked us through his journey as a geologist in Brazil, Svalbard, and Bergen. Brazilians are passionate and informal people, and nicknames are pretty common. They are also seriously passionate about their meats and their glorious churrasco.” Read more.

Visit the EPS Department website to see who comprises the EDI committee. The committee will be sharing more content. Perhaps you’ll get ideas for activities that would benefit EDI in your own department. 

This content has been provided by Dr. Diane Dechief, a Faculty Lecturer at the McGill Writing Centre who supports various EPS projects. 

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