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Introducing the new myCourses Rubrics creation experience

For those of you who have spent countless hours fiddling around, inputting criteria and levels in the clunky myCourses Rubrics interface, this post is for you. We are happy to report that myCourses now has a new and much improved Rubrics interface, also referred to as the “New Rubrics Experience”.

The best part of this updated interface is that rubric creation has been changed to a single-page workflow. By simply clicking New Rubric once in the Rubrics tool, you are immediately brought to a single rubric authoring page. The two previous rubric interface tab options Properties and Levels and Criteria are now condensed into a single edit option. Moreover, you can now toggle the Type between analytic and holistic and you can change the Score options during the initial setup or once the rubric has already been saved.

For the time being, instructors and course designers have the option to opt-in or out of the new interface, but we highly recommend that you opt in as this will eventually be the default. In addition, it really is a MUCH better experience.

This is what the opt-in looks like:

Select Turn it on to enable the new Rubric creation experience.

If you don’t like the new experience, simply click on the arrow in the top right.

Then, select Turn it off.

Here’s a breakdown of the updated features:  

  • The new rubric creation experience consists of a single page format. All fields and options can be edited in the same screen.
  • In the Criteria and Levels table, simply click in the fields to change criterion and level names, points and feedback. Use the designated + buttons to add additional levels and criteria.
  • If you change the default points values, the points values for each criterion will be updated automatically to match.
  • Change the Type and Scoring as you create the rubric and even after you have saved it.

If you need help setting up your Rubric in myCourses or are simply curious to find out more about the Rubrics updates, contact TLS to setup a consultation.

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